Many people have been asking how to register classic LOD (the game from the old BBS days). The old LOD registration fee is $20.

If you’ve already registered (i.e. back in the good ol’ days), then just email me at and I’ll try to lookup your code.

If you haven’t already registered, then you can send me a paypal payment using the following link: (Make sure to email me at and let me know you sent the payment)

Note: The code will NOT immediately be sent out like the ordering page says it will. I will send it out to you manually within the next day or two. Please send an email message to if you want the reg code made in the name of your BBS. If you don’t receive your code within the next day or two, email me at and put in the subject line “URGENT: Land of Devastation registration code” and I’ll find it for you asap.

Thank you for your support.

Scott Baker.