Specific Monster Data: Snow Demon Warrior

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Snow Demon Warrior

Chilling wind blows past, sounding for all the world like the howling of some great beast... Or is it perhaps just that. Instincts make you whirl to face a strange man yelling at the wind. Though his ice-crusted beard hangs wildly down his stomach and the tattered furs he wears do nothing to protect his bluish skin from the cold, there is no sign of madness in his icy glare. "You have trespassed into Snow Demon territory. By order of Lord IcePick you must perish," is all he says.

Stregth = 53
Dexterity = 53
Agility = 53
Hitpoints = 93

Short Range Weapon
Frost Sceptre

Long Range Weapon
Frost Cannon

Frost Vest/600