LOD Monster Guide

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Ant Man

"What happens when you cross an ant with a human???". The joke lingers in your mind as you come face to face with the answer. This mix between man and beast carrier with it the strengths of both creatures. The intelligence of a human mixed with the agility and strength of an ant make this an especially dangerous foe.


You made the mistake of setting your pack down as you were preparing to take a rest. In an instant, some miserable bandit snuck in and grabbed your %X before you had a chance to react. Noticing your obvious interest in your %X, the bandit prepares to defend himself.


A giant figure approaches from the wastelands. He doesn't appear very intelligent, possibly even unable to speak. He makes a few obscure grunting noises. You have encountered a barbarian. Possessing tremendous strenght and hitpoints, barbarians can be very difficult to beat.


A short guy jumps out from behind a bush and says "Hey man. My name's Bart Simpson. Who the hell are you?". Obviously, this demented youth has watched a bit too much television.

Death Warrior

A man jumps out of the brush and draws his weapon. He says "The Death Warriors demand a tribute. Pay now or die." This man is a member of the Death Warriors, a ruthless gang of bandits who steal from undefended travelers.

Deranged Woman

You see a woman emerge from behind a nearby tree. She would seem quite beautiful was it not for the dagger that she menacing towards you. The wastelands have driven her quite mad.

Distraught Sysop

"Users! Users! Users! I can't stand them anymore. Waking me up in the middle of the night, asking for more file points! It's driving me nuts! I want to kill them -- kill them all!" You don't know who this raving lunatic is, but you remember reading something in the history books about a unique thing called a bulletin board and an even more unique individual who operates one. Unfortunately, this dude seems to have soaked up a bit too much radiation out in the wastelands.

Gamma Tiger

An eerie meowing makes you abruptly assume the defensive. Greeting your eyes is a Gamma Tiger. A mutated descendant of the common house cat, the thing is the size of an ox with long sharp teeth. Its gigantic muscles ripple as it extends its talons. Its reddish fur adds a hellish look as it prepares to pounce on its prey.

Giant Rat

You have encountered one of the most interesting examples of nuclear- induced mutation: The Giant Rat. Descendant from the common rats of pre-war days, the radiation of the wastelands has caused this creature to gain an unbelievable size. It prepares to attack...

Giant Reptile

From around a bend you see a giant reptile heading in your direction. The giant reptile is a very dangerous beast. It's tough, scaly skin is hard to penetrate and its sharp teeth and claws pierce through most types of armor.

Giant Vulture

Usually Giant Vultures wait until something is dead before trying to eat it, but this one has other ideas. It descends upon you with it's claws poised for attack!


He's Big; He's Green; And he's been exposed to high amounts of gamma radiation. He's an incredible hulk. Although not all that bright, the hulk possesses massive strength and instincts. He will be a tough foe.

Humanoid Mutant

From out of the brush appears a humanoid mutant. This pour soul was most likely a villager who unwisely ventured out into the wastelands without protective gear. Overcome by the severe radiation, the mutant has suffered severe deformations as well as mental disorders. Lacking the brainpower to use weapons, it prepares for a hand-to-hand fight.

Insane Soldier

You see what was once a fellow soldier, most likely stationed at your very base. The wastelands have taken their toll upon him, causing him to go quite insane. With both weapons and the knowledge to use them, the Insane Soldier is very dangerous indeed.

Mean Dude

A guy comes out of the shadows, makes several rude jokes about your mother, and prepares for a fight. This guy seems to be simply a mean dude, not having much else to do, he just goes around beating up on innocent travelers.

Mutant Mother-In-Law

From out of the wasteland steps the Mutant Mother-In-Law the Dreaded Beast of every Marriage.. Now made even worse by the mutating effects of the severe radiation..... Better prepare your self!

Rabid Tribble

Rolling along the ground is a small ball of fur. You smile remembering when the first of these things was brought to Sacre Base months ago, a source of much speculation (Where does it come from? What doesn't it eat?) and friendship. Then you remember how they had to be dumped into the wasteland before they finished off the food supply. Then came the reports of how they had mutated: the tiny hooks at the end of the fur, ability to jump extraordinary distances, the craving for blood. Damn the wasteland and its power to corrupt. The mutant fur ball turns to attack you.

Rad Hound

Upon walking into this section of land, you are greeted by the howling of a hideous creature, the Rad Hound. A product of the genetic mutations caused by the holocaust, it's size and ferocity are much stronger than any normal hound. Furthermore, radiation poisoning makes this beast an even greater threat.

Reaping Willow

You normally ignore the crunch of plants under you step. But now you realize that a bit more alertness could be in order as you narrowly dodge a clump of sharpened leaves. You move back a few yards as you watch the willow pull itself out of the ground and move towards you. Just what you need, shrubbery with an attitude.


A man jumps out from behind a bush, eyes up your pack, and says "I sure could use one of those..." This man is a scavenger, a person who roams the wastelands in search of any valuables. Although heavily armed and quite difficult to kill, the scavengers usually carry with them several valuable items.

Snow Demon Scout

Across the bleak, icy wastes you notice a rapidly approaching form, clad in furs. As he nears you notice that the furs are only symbolic, as his chest is bared to the frigid air, revealing light blue skin. Ice flakes from his lips as he snarls, "In the name of Lord IcePick I claim this land and guard it against you or any of your cold-fearing kin. Go back to the warmth you so love, while it still lasts. Or face me and your corpse will serve as yet another marker." He cackles maniacally as he gestures to a row of what at first glance appear to be statues, but are actually the bodies of his victims, frozen solid.

Snow Demon Warrior

Chilling wind blows past, sounding for all the world like the howling of some great beast... Or is it perhaps just that. Instincts make you whirl to face a strange man yelling at the wind. Though his ice-crusted beard hangs wildly down his stomach and the tattered furs he wears do nothing to protect his bluish skin from the cold, there is no sign of madness in his icy glare. "You have trespassed into Snow Demon territory. By order of Lord IcePick you must perish," is all he says.

Trader Tom

You notice some rustling in the bushes... Someone was watching your last encounter. The figure emerges from the brush and grabs the %Y that was laying on the ground. "My names Trader Tom, and this %Y is something that I could use. If you want it back, then you're going to have to fight me for it. Otherwise, let me be on my way."

Valley Girl

A voice yells out from the brush "Like gimme like all of your money or like I'll have to like kill you! Like do what I say, like now, ok?". It is a mutant valley-girl. Once dreaded only as department store temporaries during holiday seasons, the radiation has turned them into a very hideous foe.


Floating around up ahead you spy a strange sphere. Stopping once in a while to scan the wasteland, it spots you and says "POSSIBLE HOSTILE, CHARGING WEAPONS" It circles you a few times and speaks once more: "CHECKING: ID CONFIRMED, MARKED FOR TERMINATION.." Having no place to take cover from its impending attack, you draw your weapon, all the time wondering who sent this thing.