Specific Monster Data: Snow Demon Scout

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Snow Demon Scout

Across the bleak, icy wastes you notice a rapidly approaching form, clad in furs. As he nears you notice that the furs are only symbolic, as his chest is bared to the frigid air, revealing light blue skin. Ice flakes from his lips as he snarls, "In the name of Lord IcePick I claim this land and guard it against you or any of your cold-fearing kin. Go back to the warmth you so love, while it still lasts. Or face me and your corpse will serve as yet another marker." He cackles maniacally as he gestures to a row of what at first glance appear to be statues, but are actually the bodies of his victims, frozen solid.

Stregth = 28
Dexterity = 28
Agility = 27
Hitpoints = 39

Short Range Weapon

Long Range Weapon