Specific Monster Data: Rad Tornado

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Rad Tornado

You have been noticing for sometime that the wind has been picking up. Now, as you look up, the sky is taking on an ominous color. A memory tugs at your mind but you cannot seem to recall it. Then it clicks, it was one of the original briefings back at the Base. Something about how radiation can interact with the natural environment. Suddenly you remember, and a chill runs down your spine. A RAD TORNADO! You were told that the best course of action is to escape and you are now glad that you sat through those long, dull lectures. Looking at this powerful monstrosity you know that your weapons will be unable to tame it.

Stregth = 85
Dexterity = 60
Agility = 45
Hitpoints = 1500

Short Range Weapon
Storm Force

Long Range Weapon
Radiation Blast