LOD Monster Guide

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Black Widow Leader

"Well, Well, Well. I sent some of our girls down to take care of you. But, it doesn't look like they got the job done. Look's like I'll have to take care of you myself. " The Black Widow Leader stands in attack position with her WidowLance and WidowBlade ready to see some action.

Defs Sacre Clone

A few months ago, the Draku raided the clone center for an unknown reason. Now, standing before you is a product of that raid. Apparently, the Draku decided they could use the genetic make-up of the clone to create warriors for themselves. Before you, stands a clone of Defs Sacre, and he doesn't look like he remembers you.

Draku Defender

You are peering at a Draku defender. A product of Draku genetic engineering, it has only one task in life: Destruction of all those who oppose the Drakus or the Black Widows.

Draku Warrior

The Drakus have long been masters of advanced weapons and advanced genetic engineering. It is said that it was they who created the weapons that now protect the Black Widows. You are face to face with a Draku warrior at this moment.

Fang Gang Warrior

Another one of those enigmatic Fang Gang Warriors approaches, this one with an even brighter glow to the skin than those Fledglings back in Zone 3 He's also wearing the same leather jacket as the others, although this one's got better weapons and armour.

Priest Of Loki

In the sky far ahead you see a small dot. The dot gets larger until you can make it out to be a humanoid figure...a flying man in a billowy cloak of red and black. He circles you in the air at a considerable distance. "I am a Priest of Loki," says the man, "I can fly. And I can lead you away from the road to ruin. I can save your soul with the blessed truth of Chaos: Loki's truth. And if that fails....I CAN SEND YOU TO THE GRAVE!!!" As madness fills his eyes momentarily he pulls a plasma blaster out from under his cloak.

Rad Tornado

You have been noticing for sometime that the wind has been picking up. Now, as you look up, the sky is taking on an ominous color. A memory tugs at your mind but you cannot seem to recall it. Then it clicks, it was one of the original briefings back at the Base. Something about how radiation can interact with the natural environment. Suddenly you remember, and a chill runs down your spine. A RAD TORNADO! You were told that the best course of action is to escape and you are now glad that you sat through those long, dull lectures. Looking at this powerful monstrosity you know that your weapons will be unable to tame it.


You approach another of those Black Widow Warriors, but there's something different about this one...Looking closer you notice a striking resemblance to Patti from the Tavern in Death Warrior HQ, and realize this must be her lost sister!


"Sssssss.... Uuuummmansssss. Tasssssty uuuummmanssssss." You pivot quickly on your heel, to gaze full upon the hideous face of a reptilian monstrosity. From the sides of a gigantic snake body protrude two long scaly arms. Serpentine eyes regard you with cold- blooded lack of emotion. The top of a suit of Widow Armor rests on the the narrow shoulders of the beast, and in flicks its forked tongue as aims its Plasma Blaster at you.

Trader Harry

You notice some rustling in the bushes... Someone was watching your last encounter. The figure emerges from the brush and grabs the %Y that was laying on the ground. "My names Trader Harry, and this %Y is something that I could use. If you want it back, then you're going to have to fight me for it. Otherwise, let me be on my way."


"Well look what we got here. Some scum from Sacre Base. I haven't seen any of you since I helped the widows steal that PuriTron from up above. I've been waiting to try out my new GravSword on one of you scum!" This unfriendly character is a warmonger. They go around stirring up trouble, usually in favor of the highest bidder.