Specific Monster Data: Priest Of Loki

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Priest Of Loki

In the sky far ahead you see a small dot. The dot gets larger until you can make it out to be a humanoid figure...a flying man in a billowy cloak of red and black. He circles you in the air at a considerable distance. "I am a Priest of Loki," says the man, "I can fly. And I can lead you away from the road to ruin. I can save your soul with the blessed truth of Chaos: Loki's truth. And if that fails....I CAN SEND YOU TO THE GRAVE!!!" As madness fills his eyes momentarily he pulls a plasma blaster out from under his cloak.

Stregth = 48
Dexterity = 48
Agility = 48
Hitpoints = 88

Short Range Weapon

Long Range Weapon

Widow Armor/600