Specific Monster Data: Nuke Twister

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Nuke Twister

Your first warning is a sudden gathering of clouds. And then a strange gust of wind carries the smell of ozone. Rapidly the sky darkens and the wind increases. The ground around you begins to glow with an odd light. Then it begins to form. Now you know what this is, a NUKE TWISTER! One of the most deadly forms of 'natural force' created by the radiation in the wilderness. A Nuke Twister is formed when a dust storm picks up radioactive waste. In some fashion the power in the waste magnifies the storm into what you see before you. You have been told that there is no way to 'fight' such a storm. Your only hope is to EVADE! You must run before the radioactive winds eat the flesh off of your bones.

Stregth = 110
Dexterity = 85
Agility = 55
Hitpoints = 2000

Short Range Weapon
Storm Force

Long Range Weapon
Radiation Blast