LOD Monster Guide

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Baby Jenks

You see a girl approaching, who looks like she must be in her early teens. You wonder what she's doing all the way out in Zone 5. Then you catch a glimpse of the Fang Gang logo on her t-shirt. This must be the girl that The Vampire in Death Warrior HQ was mentioning. Unfortunately for you, she doesn't seem as friendly as The Vampire was!

Black Widow Princess

"What does a girl have to do to take care of you people?? Well, I must admire you for making it this far. But, you really are becoming a problem to us. " The Black Widow Princess draws her weapons for a fight!

Cabal Warrior

You hear an odd sound coming from around some bushes and decide to investigate. You notice a green scaly body hunched over working on some communications gear. From what you know of the wasteland, this alien being can only be one thing... One of Xeboc's cabal warriors. Genetically engineered and selectively breeded to be the perfect warrior, they are a most dangerous foe.

Chaos Knight

"Thou art a thorn in the side of Chaos. Prepare thyself to be plucked most painfully." Head to toe, your newest opponent is encased in heavy steel painted red and black. He is obviously a member of the Loki, but doesn't seem to be interested in flying. His arms whir softly as he brings a massive integrated cannon to bear.

Curate Of Loki

A blur of dark red passes before your eyes. Nearly giving yourself whiplash in the process you follow it. Standing on a ridge you see a man dressed in red and black with an extremely haughty expression. "Woe unto you oh blasphemer," says the man, "Woe unto you for you have rejected Chaos to long. You have been chosen as an example of how Order falls before the holy might of the Clergy of Loki. You have been chosen just as he who once bore these weapons." He indicates the neutron sabre at his side. Then with a flourish he produces a Pulse Bazooka!! Suddenly he lifts into the air with grace no bird could ever compare to and takes aim.

Draku Master

"I am a master soldier of the Draku army. You have invaded our territory and will be dealt with in the traditional manner. We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause to you ... or your next of kin!"

Draku War Chief

You are face to face with a Draku War Chief. Given the responsibility of over seeing the destruction of all who oppose the Drakus, he is quite dangerous, and quite intent on killing you.

Energizer Bunny

THUMP THUMP , THUMP THUMP , THUMP THUMP , THUMP THUMP. You turn to face the strange sound. Much to your confusion you see what appears to be a huge pink bunny wearing shattered sunglasses. It moves forward on two massive legs as it pounds the corpse of some poor soldier repeatedly with a WidowLance, as if the unfortunate fellow was some sort of drum. Seeing you the bunny throws the corpse away, apparently viewing you as a suitable replacement. As it pulls a launcher off its back it says in a rasping but deep voice, "Still Going."

Fang Gang Elder

From a distance you see a white shining figure in torn jeans and a black leather jacket. As he comes closer, you realize his skin looks almost like marble. He must be one of the higher-ranking vampires of the Fang Gang. He doesn't look like he wants to be nice to you either!

Nuke Twister

Your first warning is a sudden gathering of clouds. And then a strange gust of wind carries the smell of ozone. Rapidly the sky darkens and the wind increases. The ground around you begins to glow with an odd light. Then it begins to form. Now you know what this is, a NUKE TWISTER! One of the most deadly forms of 'natural force' created by the radiation in the wilderness. A Nuke Twister is formed when a dust storm picks up radioactive waste. In some fashion the power in the waste magnifies the storm into what you see before you. You have been told that there is no way to 'fight' such a storm. Your only hope is to EVADE! You must run before the radioactive winds eat the flesh off of your bones.

Paladin Clone

A story from your younger days comes to your mind when you spy the figure approaching you. Paladin, the once enemy of Xenon, heard about Xenon's deal with the Drakus for the creation of the monster, Xenon's Vengeance. Paladin struck a deal with one of the clone technicians to clone himself, in hopes that the monster would kill one of the clones instead of him. Unfortunately, for Paladin, it didn't work out. The story was told to new recruits and you never put much faith into it until you see the proof right in front of you, armed!

Roach Warrior

You notice an odd humanoid figure in the distance in front of you. You creep up closer to take a look. What you are facing is a twelve foot tall insect-like humanoid... It appears to be a mutated version of the common cockroach!

Serpine Suzalle

"Sssssss.... Uuuummmansssss. Uuuummmannn make good fighhtt." You turn to see a master Serpine warrior, the Serpine Suzalle. He (she?) is armed with a surplus of widow-weapons, probably obtained through hostile circumstances.

Steel Widow

You roll to the ground as you notice a familiar shadow. A Spider Droid? Here? The spot you were in seconds before is hit by the raw power of a pulse weapon. PULSE?? In the hands of an enemy? You stare in growing shock at a metal monstrosity painted black. Four times taller then a spider droid, and bearing the insignia of the black widows, the spider-thing prepares to fire another volley of death. A widowlance protrudes from its head like the horn of some mythological beast.

Trader Leader

You notice some rustling in the bushes... Someone was watching your last encounter. The figure emerges from the brush and grabs the %Y that was laying on the ground. "I'm the Leader of the Trader's Guild. I've decided that I deserve that %Y more than you do. If you want it, then fight me for it. Otherwise, I've got more business to attend to."

Turncoat Soldier

Rounding the bend you come face to face with a fellow soldier. A gut feeling tells you not to let your guard down. Sure enough, he aims the barrel of his pulse rifle at you. This must be one of the scum that have been sneaking high powered weapons to the opposition. He smirks at your hateful glare, "I'm sorry, but they were willing to pay me more for one weapon then I could have ever earned as a honest soldier. And you wouldn't believe the amount I'll get for your corpse."

Widow Enforcer

"I'm an enforcer for the black widows.... They told me you'd be arriving and now it's time to take care of you once and for all."