Specific Monster Data: High Priest Of Loki

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High Priest Of Loki

For a moment you glance at the sky, and notice that a dark cloud has come lower then you would expect one to. For just a second you glimpse a steel structure rising from its top. Then it rises upwards again, leaving behind a humanoid figure that hurtles through the air towards you with a sound that makes your ear ache. Screeching to a halt in the air above you is a being dressed in red and black. As he aims his tachyon blaster at you and pulls his sabre from its scabbard, you know that you face one who has reached the highest pinnacle in the Clergy of Chaos: A High Priest of Loki.

Stregth = 81
Dexterity = 82
Agility = 81
Hitpoints = 148

Short Range Weapon

Long Range Weapon

Phase Armor/1000