LOD Monster Guide

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Cabal Commander

The rank of commander is one of the most prestigious positions in the dreaded cabal military and this guy looks as if he really deserves it. Strong well defined muscles ripple under the green scaly skin. Its approach towards you is well thought out. Quick eyes scan the terrain looking for all the possible ambush areas. With a gurgle that you believe is a laugh, the Cabal Commander moves in for the kill.

Cabal Elite

A slight discoloration along the tree line is your first clue. As his EnviroBlur disengages, the figure sharpens into that of a member of the Cabal Elite, Xeboc's personal guard. The Cabal Elite has the "privilege" of the best training, the best armor, and the best weapons of the Cabal army. He lets out a menacing laugh as he reaches for his SLM-9000 PulseRay, the preferred weapon of the Cabal Elite.


A solitary figure approaches from the wastelands. He makes no effort to conceal himself and is obviously looking for a fight... "I am DeathStalker! I roam the wastelands seeking the thrill of the kill! I see I have come across another of my own profession! Out of respect, I shall let you leave if you desire. Otherwise, let us fight to the death in a joyous battle!"

High Priest Of Loki

For a moment you glance at the sky, and notice that a dark cloud has come lower then you would expect one to. For just a second you glimpse a steel structure rising from its top. Then it rises upwards again, leaving behind a humanoid figure that hurtles through the air towards you with a sound that makes your ear ache. Screeching to a halt in the air above you is a being dressed in red and black. As he aims his tachyon blaster at you and pulls his sabre from its scabbard, you know that you face one who has reached the highest pinnacle in the Clergy of Chaos: A High Priest of Loki.

Nick's Nightmare

There's a legend which says there was once a mighty warrior named Nick who once had a nightmare about a mighty beast lurking in the wasteland. The beast of his dream came to life and destroyed him. Until now, you've regarded it a nothing more than a tale told by Sacre Base recruits. But, with such a supernatural beast standing before you, you begin to wonder if the legends actually had any merit.


You always thought that the rumors of a fellow soldier who had been mutated by combined exposure to the effects of warpers, phase armor, and high intensity radiation were just that, rumors. But as you watched the person materialize on the bluff ahead, then teleport to a succession of nearby spots, all without touching the warper at his belt, you realize that there is truth behind the stories. Instinct makes you duck as his fire sabre stabs at you from behind. You turn to see him reform some sixty feet away, aiming something large at you.


During the initial landing of the Cabal, a large portion of their hunting beasts were destroyed by an undiscovered earthian plague. The Cabal, who take pride in their hunting beasts, brought the few remaining to the Drakus. Knowing the excellent skill of the Drakus, the Cabal insisted that the Drakus enhance the creatures previous abilities. This is how the Xanth evolved. That is also why they are now walking on four legs and using the other two for weapons.

Xeboc Destructor

"You must die. You cannot oppose Xeboc The Mighty." As you hear this, you whirl around and encounter one of the most massive machines you have ever yet seen in the wasteland!

Xeboc Guardian

You notice something blurry rising out of the ground. It's too hard to make out what it is exactly. Suddenly it drops its enviro-blurrer and you see a Xeboc Guardian!

Xenon's Vengence

One of the old stories that was told by the campfires in your recruit days was the tragedy of Xenon and Paladin. Paladin would venture out and capture all of Xenon's fortress's. Xenon exacted his revenge on Paladin by making a deal with the evil Draku Warriors to create a beast sent to destroy Paladin. The beast succeeded. But, the beast was so fierce, so powerful, that it turned on Xenon himself and destroyed him. Such is the story of Xenon and Paladin.