Specific Monster Data: Energizer Bunny

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Energizer Bunny

THUMP THUMP , THUMP THUMP , THUMP THUMP , THUMP THUMP. You turn to face the strange sound. Much to your confusion you see what appears to be a huge pink bunny wearing shattered sunglasses. It moves forward on two massive legs as it pounds the corpse of some poor soldier repeatedly with a WidowLance, as if the unfortunate fellow was some sort of drum. Seeing you the bunny throws the corpse away, apparently viewing you as a suitable replacement. As it pulls a launcher off its back it says in a rasping but deep voice, "Still Going."

Stregth = 64
Dexterity = 64
Agility = 64
Hitpoints = 109

Short Range Weapon

Long Range Weapon

Widow Armor/600