Specific Monster Data: Curate Of Loki

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Curate Of Loki

A blur of dark red passes before your eyes. Nearly giving yourself whiplash in the process you follow it. Standing on a ridge you see a man dressed in red and black with an extremely haughty expression. "Woe unto you oh blasphemer," says the man, "Woe unto you for you have rejected Chaos to long. You have been chosen as an example of how Order falls before the holy might of the Clergy of Loki. You have been chosen just as he who once bore these weapons." He indicates the neutron sabre at his side. Then with a flourish he produces a Pulse Bazooka!! Suddenly he lifts into the air with grace no bird could ever compare to and takes aim.

Stregth = 73
Dexterity = 73
Agility = 73
Hitpoints = 125

Short Range Weapon
Neutron Sabre

Long Range Weapon
Pulse Bazooka

Widow Armor/600