Specific Monster Data: Air Elemental

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Air Elemental

A weird whistling sound echoes across the wastelands, accompanied by a sudden rush of air. You whirl to see a cloud-like billowy mass floating over the broken terrain. Though it seems to have no substance you get the unmistakable impression that it is hunting. Could this be one of the dreaded elementals you have heard about? They say radiation is a strange force... It can change healthy humanoids into diseased mutants. It can change a friendly recruit into a crazed insane soldier. If the forces are just right, radiation can even change an elemental substance into a demonic beast. But the time to ponder ends abruptly as it blows towards you.

Stregth = 75
Dexterity = 75
Agility = 75
Hitpoints = 750

Short Range Weapon
Elemental Force

Long Range Weapon
Radiation Blast