LOD Monster Guide

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Air Elemental

A weird whistling sound echoes across the wastelands, accompanied by a sudden rush of air. You whirl to see a cloud-like billowy mass floating over the broken terrain. Though it seems to have no substance you get the unmistakable impression that it is hunting. Could this be one of the dreaded elementals you have heard about? They say radiation is a strange force... It can change healthy humanoids into diseased mutants. It can change a friendly recruit into a crazed insane soldier. If the forces are just right, radiation can even change an elemental substance into a demonic beast. But the time to ponder ends abruptly as it blows towards you.


Out of the bushes jumps a BioMutant. The BioMutants are the result of early 21st century biological weapons. The weapons were designed to debilitate enemy troops. However, they seem to have had the opposite effect. The BioMutant is strong and powerful. It's mutations have caused it to adapt very well to the nuclear-devastated terrain. Unfortunately for you, the BioMutant is smart enough to use short and long range weapons.

Bounty Hunter

A man steps out from behind a tree. He pulls out s sheet of paper, looks at it, looks at you, and says "The Death Warriors have placed a pretty nice price on your head. $2,000 dead or alive. I prefer dead." The bounty hunter pulls out a phaser-2 and sights it on you!

Cat Burgler

Exhausted from combat, you stopped to take a very needed rest. You'd swear he was invisible - the Cat Burgler crept up right before your eyes and stole your %X right out of your pack. If it weren't for the sound of a twig snapping as he invisibly crept away, you wouldn't have known at all. You grab your %5 and prepare to reclaim your posessions!


Something jumps out in front of you. This dude looks like something out of a DND game - the menacing humanoid has only one large eye. It's a cyclops! And he doesn't look very happy.....

Death Commando

Out of the bushes you here a yell "So, you defeated some of our recruits. Now face a full fledged Death Commando!". Looks like the news of your killing those death warriors back on level one has spread around. Oh well, the inconvenience of having a reputation....

Earth Elemental

An eery silence descends upon the rugged mountain pass. No, not entirely silent: There is a distant rumble, almost imperceptible. It draws closer and becomes louder till the very ground buckles with the strain, forced meters into the air. And then all is still once more, save for the humanoid of pure rock that faces you, formed by the corruptive power of the radiation on the earth itself.

Fire Elemental

The miraculous Cryo-Gen Device may let you pass over the lava, but it does nothing to ease your mind. A great deal of heat still passes through, and the place reminds you of ancient tales of hell. Of course if it was hell, you'd have to fear demons, but there aren't.....Wait! What's that? Rising from the infernal terrain is a vaguely humanoid mass of pure flame. It stretches out a burning appendage and lets out a crackling scream not unlike the sound of a hundred bon-fires.


A pair of slimy arms reaches over the sides of your raft, pulling up the figure of yet another product of the post-nuclear age-- the murderous FrogMan!

Ice Elemental

You are starting to get really sick of the endless mounds of white and the bitter cold. Anything to break the monotony would be of utmost joy to you, and you almost smile when you hear a sound reminiscent of ice being crushed behind you. But your smile vanishes and your jaw drops when you see the massive crystalline structure approaching. It is shaped somewhat like a gigantic ape chiseled out of ice, but unfortunately is no sculpture. It attacks with the ferocity that only a radiation spawned life form can achieve.

Killer Kelp

Originally a simple form of aquatic life, Kelp was a valued commodity of the sea, used by other forms of life as food. Unfortunately, this batch soaked up a few too many rads and is now quite hostile. Poisonous stingers and thick weed covering make the Killer Kelp a very dangerous foe.

Night Terror

You have come upon a hideous beast. Until now, you have only heard legends that the "Night Terror" exists, but now you have come face to face with it. The Night Terror is a humanoid approximately 7 feet tall, has four arms, and it's eyes are well adapted to seeing in the dark.

Recon Droid

Out of the nearby shrubs emerges an early 21st century Recon Droid. The military claimed these things would be used to reconnaissance purposes. You wonder then, why is it armed with a Phaser-2 and electrolance?

Spider Droid

You notice a glint of metal from underneath the sand next to you. As you approach to investigate, The metal beast lurches out of the ground. Poised on eight legs, it has incredible agility. It's metal joints and muscles are far superior to any biological life form. You prepare to engage combat with the Spider Droid....


You see before you a massive death machine. It is covered with steel plated armor and wields some devastatingly powerful weapons. As you stand in sheer terror, the terminator's voice booms out "Terminate Human."


As you round the next corner, a thug jumps out and says "Gimme all your money or die!". Although not too bright, this guy is armed with an Uzi sub-machine gun and an electroblade!

Trader Dick

You notice some rustling in the bushes... Someone was watching your last encounter. The figure emerges from the brush and grabs the %Y that was laying on the ground. "My names Trader Dick, and this %Y is something that I could use. If you want it back, then you're going to have to fight me for it. Otherwise, let me be on my way."

Water Elemental

Without warning the water here has gotten choppy and violent, shaking your raft violently. But how could this be when just moments ago the weather was so calm? Then it all becomes clear, as a hulking form bursts from the waves, a form composed entirely of water. You don't need a geiger counter to tell you that the radiation has managed to bring life to yet another aberration.