LOD Monster Guide

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Black Widow Warrior

A female warrior steps out in front of you. She's armed with an ElectroLance and Energy Armor. As she steps closer, she says "You'll make a fine addition to the Black Widow Gang.... To our slave yard, that is!!!"


Out of the corner of your eye, you see a massive beast descending from the sky. It is a CyberBird! The CyberBird is a combination man/bird/ android. With a electrolance in one claw and phaser-3 in the other, it prepares to attack!

Death Leader

"Didn't I send some men to take care of you? Oh well. You know what they say - you want a job done, you gotta do it yourself." This dude is a full fledged death leader - one of the higher ranking officials of the death warriors gang. I wouldn't take his threats lightly.

Fang Gang Fledgling

A fairly young kid approaches. As he gets closer, you notice something strange about his skin. It's too white to be human skin, and it's giving off a faint glow as well! You wonder if it's the rads, or something else...You're about to say something to him when you notice his sharp fangs covered in blood. You also notice his GravBlaster aimed at you!

Guard Drone

A metal machine comes rumbling out from behind a nearby pile of rubble. This thing is huge. It's armed with some kind of strange weapons that you've never seen before. It rumbles towards you as a mechanical voice says "Human sighted. Terminate intruder."

Initiate Of Loki

Smoothly moving along the wasteland you spot a single figure. He is dressed in red and black. As he nears you can see, much to your shock that instead of walking along the ground he floats a meter above it. "Chaos: That is the Way. The Way of a Priest of Loki. One day I to shall bear that title." From parched lips he emits these words, a strange look in his eyes and his disheveled look telling you what is obvious: You deal with a madman.


"Optical Recognition unit detects biological presence.... Subject identified as human target XJ294. Standing orders: Terminate. K-Force Terminator complying."


Some really weird looking bird like warrior comes hopping towards you. It stands about twelve feet tall and has several menacing talons -- one of them has an electrolance and another has a gravblast!

Pink Panther

You thought it was just a myth... Tales have been told of a legendary thief named the Pink Panther who could steal anything from anyone. Unfortunately for you, you seem to have been stung by this very individual. He was fast, lifting your %X from your pack before you even saw him coming. If you want your %X back, then you're going to have to fight for it.

Security Officer

A man walks up to you. He then reaches for a small device attached to his belt and begins speaking into it. "Main Security detachment to Admiral Kirk. Admiral Kirk please come in.... We have encountered a 21st century human sneaking around down here. Request authorization to use deadly force."


A man steps out from behind a tree. He looks you and your possessions over and says "How about handing some of that loot over to me and I'll let you walk out of this in one piece?" This man is a weapons trader. He carries with him several nice weapons which would make a nice addition to your collection. Of course, his best weapon is sighted on your forehead!