LOD Monster Guide

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Air Elemental

A weird whistling sound echoes across the wastelands, accompanied by a sudden rush of air. You whirl to see a cloud-like billowy mass floating over the broken terrain. Though it seems to have no substance you get the unmistakable impression that it is hunting. Could this be one of the dreaded elementals you have heard about? They say radiation is a strange force... It can change healthy humanoids into diseased mutants. It can change a friendly recruit into a crazed insane soldier. If the forces are just right, radiation can even change an elemental substance into a demonic beast. But the time to ponder ends abruptly as it blows towards you.

Ant Man

"What happens when you cross an ant with a human???". The joke lingers in your mind as you come face to face with the answer. This mix between man and beast carrier with it the strengths of both creatures. The intelligence of a human mixed with the agility and strength of an ant make this an especially dangerous foe.

Baby Jenks

You see a girl approaching, who looks like she must be in her early teens. You wonder what she's doing all the way out in Zone 5. Then you catch a glimpse of the Fang Gang logo on her t-shirt. This must be the girl that The Vampire in Death Warrior HQ was mentioning. Unfortunately for you, she doesn't seem as friendly as The Vampire was!


You made the mistake of setting your pack down as you were preparing to take a rest. In an instant, some miserable bandit snuck in and grabbed your %X before you had a chance to react. Noticing your obvious interest in your %X, the bandit prepares to defend himself.


A giant figure approaches from the wastelands. He doesn't appear very intelligent, possibly even unable to speak. He makes a few obscure grunting noises. You have encountered a barbarian. Possessing tremendous strenght and hitpoints, barbarians can be very difficult to beat.


A short guy jumps out from behind a bush and says "Hey man. My name's Bart Simpson. Who the hell are you?". Obviously, this demented youth has watched a bit too much television.


Out of the bushes jumps a BioMutant. The BioMutants are the result of early 21st century biological weapons. The weapons were designed to debilitate enemy troops. However, they seem to have had the opposite effect. The BioMutant is strong and powerful. It's mutations have caused it to adapt very well to the nuclear-devastated terrain. Unfortunately for you, the BioMutant is smart enough to use short and long range weapons.

Black Widow Leader

"Well, Well, Well. I sent some of our girls down to take care of you. But, it doesn't look like they got the job done. Look's like I'll have to take care of you myself. " The Black Widow Leader stands in attack position with her WidowLance and WidowBlade ready to see some action.

Black Widow Princess

"What does a girl have to do to take care of you people?? Well, I must admire you for making it this far. But, you really are becoming a problem to us. " The Black Widow Princess draws her weapons for a fight!

Black Widow Warrior

A female warrior steps out in front of you. She's armed with an ElectroLance and Energy Armor. As she steps closer, she says "You'll make a fine addition to the Black Widow Gang.... To our slave yard, that is!!!"

Bounty Hunter

A man steps out from behind a tree. He pulls out s sheet of paper, looks at it, looks at you, and says "The Death Warriors have placed a pretty nice price on your head. $2,000 dead or alive. I prefer dead." The bounty hunter pulls out a phaser-2 and sights it on you!

Cabal Commander

The rank of commander is one of the most prestigious positions in the dreaded cabal military and this guy looks as if he really deserves it. Strong well defined muscles ripple under the green scaly skin. Its approach towards you is well thought out. Quick eyes scan the terrain looking for all the possible ambush areas. With a gurgle that you believe is a laugh, the Cabal Commander moves in for the kill.

Cabal Elite

A slight discoloration along the tree line is your first clue. As his EnviroBlur disengages, the figure sharpens into that of a member of the Cabal Elite, Xeboc's personal guard. The Cabal Elite has the "privilege" of the best training, the best armor, and the best weapons of the Cabal army. He lets out a menacing laugh as he reaches for his SLM-9000 PulseRay, the preferred weapon of the Cabal Elite.

Cabal Warrior

You hear an odd sound coming from around some bushes and decide to investigate. You notice a green scaly body hunched over working on some communications gear. From what you know of the wasteland, this alien being can only be one thing... One of Xeboc's cabal warriors. Genetically engineered and selectively breeded to be the perfect warrior, they are a most dangerous foe.

Cat Burgler

Exhausted from combat, you stopped to take a very needed rest. You'd swear he was invisible - the Cat Burgler crept up right before your eyes and stole your %X right out of your pack. If it weren't for the sound of a twig snapping as he invisibly crept away, you wouldn't have known at all. You grab your %5 and prepare to reclaim your posessions!

Chaos Knight

"Thou art a thorn in the side of Chaos. Prepare thyself to be plucked most painfully." Head to toe, your newest opponent is encased in heavy steel painted red and black. He is obviously a member of the Loki, but doesn't seem to be interested in flying. His arms whir softly as he brings a massive integrated cannon to bear.

Curate Of Loki

A blur of dark red passes before your eyes. Nearly giving yourself whiplash in the process you follow it. Standing on a ridge you see a man dressed in red and black with an extremely haughty expression. "Woe unto you oh blasphemer," says the man, "Woe unto you for you have rejected Chaos to long. You have been chosen as an example of how Order falls before the holy might of the Clergy of Loki. You have been chosen just as he who once bore these weapons." He indicates the neutron sabre at his side. Then with a flourish he produces a Pulse Bazooka!! Suddenly he lifts into the air with grace no bird could ever compare to and takes aim.


Out of the corner of your eye, you see a massive beast descending from the sky. It is a CyberBird! The CyberBird is a combination man/bird/ android. With a electrolance in one claw and phaser-3 in the other, it prepares to attack!


Something jumps out in front of you. This dude looks like something out of a DND game - the menacing humanoid has only one large eye. It's a cyclops! And he doesn't look very happy.....

Death Commando

Out of the bushes you here a yell "So, you defeated some of our recruits. Now face a full fledged Death Commando!". Looks like the news of your killing those death warriors back on level one has spread around. Oh well, the inconvenience of having a reputation....

Death Leader

"Didn't I send some men to take care of you? Oh well. You know what they say - you want a job done, you gotta do it yourself." This dude is a full fledged death leader - one of the higher ranking officials of the death warriors gang. I wouldn't take his threats lightly.

Death Warrior

A man jumps out of the brush and draws his weapon. He says "The Death Warriors demand a tribute. Pay now or die." This man is a member of the Death Warriors, a ruthless gang of bandits who steal from undefended travelers.


A solitary figure approaches from the wastelands. He makes no effort to conceal himself and is obviously looking for a fight... "I am DeathStalker! I roam the wastelands seeking the thrill of the kill! I see I have come across another of my own profession! Out of respect, I shall let you leave if you desire. Otherwise, let us fight to the death in a joyous battle!"

Defs Sacre Clone

A few months ago, the Draku raided the clone center for an unknown reason. Now, standing before you is a product of that raid. Apparently, the Draku decided they could use the genetic make-up of the clone to create warriors for themselves. Before you, stands a clone of Defs Sacre, and he doesn't look like he remembers you.

Deranged Woman

You see a woman emerge from behind a nearby tree. She would seem quite beautiful was it not for the dagger that she menacing towards you. The wastelands have driven her quite mad.

Distraught Sysop

"Users! Users! Users! I can't stand them anymore. Waking me up in the middle of the night, asking for more file points! It's driving me nuts! I want to kill them -- kill them all!" You don't know who this raving lunatic is, but you remember reading something in the history books about a unique thing called a bulletin board and an even more unique individual who operates one. Unfortunately, this dude seems to have soaked up a bit too much radiation out in the wastelands.

Draku Defender

You are peering at a Draku defender. A product of Draku genetic engineering, it has only one task in life: Destruction of all those who oppose the Drakus or the Black Widows.

Draku Master

"I am a master soldier of the Draku army. You have invaded our territory and will be dealt with in the traditional manner. We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause to you ... or your next of kin!"

Draku War Chief

You are face to face with a Draku War Chief. Given the responsibility of over seeing the destruction of all who oppose the Drakus, he is quite dangerous, and quite intent on killing you.

Draku Warrior

The Drakus have long been masters of advanced weapons and advanced genetic engineering. It is said that it was they who created the weapons that now protect the Black Widows. You are face to face with a Draku warrior at this moment.

Earth Elemental

An eery silence descends upon the rugged mountain pass. No, not entirely silent: There is a distant rumble, almost imperceptible. It draws closer and becomes louder till the very ground buckles with the strain, forced meters into the air. And then all is still once more, save for the humanoid of pure rock that faces you, formed by the corruptive power of the radiation on the earth itself.

Energizer Bunny

THUMP THUMP , THUMP THUMP , THUMP THUMP , THUMP THUMP. You turn to face the strange sound. Much to your confusion you see what appears to be a huge pink bunny wearing shattered sunglasses. It moves forward on two massive legs as it pounds the corpse of some poor soldier repeatedly with a WidowLance, as if the unfortunate fellow was some sort of drum. Seeing you the bunny throws the corpse away, apparently viewing you as a suitable replacement. As it pulls a launcher off its back it says in a rasping but deep voice, "Still Going."

Fang Gang Elder

From a distance you see a white shining figure in torn jeans and a black leather jacket. As he comes closer, you realize his skin looks almost like marble. He must be one of the higher-ranking vampires of the Fang Gang. He doesn't look like he wants to be nice to you either!

Fang Gang Fledgling

A fairly young kid approaches. As he gets closer, you notice something strange about his skin. It's too white to be human skin, and it's giving off a faint glow as well! You wonder if it's the rads, or something else...You're about to say something to him when you notice his sharp fangs covered in blood. You also notice his GravBlaster aimed at you!

Fang Gang Warrior

Another one of those enigmatic Fang Gang Warriors approaches, this one with an even brighter glow to the skin than those Fledglings back in Zone 3 He's also wearing the same leather jacket as the others, although this one's got better weapons and armour.

Fire Elemental

The miraculous Cryo-Gen Device may let you pass over the lava, but it does nothing to ease your mind. A great deal of heat still passes through, and the place reminds you of ancient tales of hell. Of course if it was hell, you'd have to fear demons, but there aren't.....Wait! What's that? Rising from the infernal terrain is a vaguely humanoid mass of pure flame. It stretches out a burning appendage and lets out a crackling scream not unlike the sound of a hundred bon-fires.


A pair of slimy arms reaches over the sides of your raft, pulling up the figure of yet another product of the post-nuclear age-- the murderous FrogMan!

Gamma Tiger

An eerie meowing makes you abruptly assume the defensive. Greeting your eyes is a Gamma Tiger. A mutated descendant of the common house cat, the thing is the size of an ox with long sharp teeth. Its gigantic muscles ripple as it extends its talons. Its reddish fur adds a hellish look as it prepares to pounce on its prey.

Giant Rat

You have encountered one of the most interesting examples of nuclear- induced mutation: The Giant Rat. Descendant from the common rats of pre-war days, the radiation of the wastelands has caused this creature to gain an unbelievable size. It prepares to attack...

Giant Reptile

From around a bend you see a giant reptile heading in your direction. The giant reptile is a very dangerous beast. It's tough, scaly skin is hard to penetrate and its sharp teeth and claws pierce through most types of armor.

Giant Vulture

Usually Giant Vultures wait until something is dead before trying to eat it, but this one has other ideas. It descends upon you with it's claws poised for attack!

Guard Drone

A metal machine comes rumbling out from behind a nearby pile of rubble. This thing is huge. It's armed with some kind of strange weapons that you've never seen before. It rumbles towards you as a mechanical voice says "Human sighted. Terminate intruder."

High Priest Of Loki

For a moment you glance at the sky, and notice that a dark cloud has come lower then you would expect one to. For just a second you glimpse a steel structure rising from its top. Then it rises upwards again, leaving behind a humanoid figure that hurtles through the air towards you with a sound that makes your ear ache. Screeching to a halt in the air above you is a being dressed in red and black. As he aims his tachyon blaster at you and pulls his sabre from its scabbard, you know that you face one who has reached the highest pinnacle in the Clergy of Chaos: A High Priest of Loki.


He's Big; He's Green; And he's been exposed to high amounts of gamma radiation. He's an incredible hulk. Although not all that bright, the hulk possesses massive strength and instincts. He will be a tough foe.

Humanoid Mutant

From out of the brush appears a humanoid mutant. This pour soul was most likely a villager who unwisely ventured out into the wastelands without protective gear. Overcome by the severe radiation, the mutant has suffered severe deformations as well as mental disorders. Lacking the brainpower to use weapons, it prepares for a hand-to-hand fight.

Ice Elemental

You are starting to get really sick of the endless mounds of white and the bitter cold. Anything to break the monotony would be of utmost joy to you, and you almost smile when you hear a sound reminiscent of ice being crushed behind you. But your smile vanishes and your jaw drops when you see the massive crystalline structure approaching. It is shaped somewhat like a gigantic ape chiseled out of ice, but unfortunately is no sculpture. It attacks with the ferocity that only a radiation spawned life form can achieve.

Initiate Of Loki

Smoothly moving along the wasteland you spot a single figure. He is dressed in red and black. As he nears you can see, much to your shock that instead of walking along the ground he floats a meter above it. "Chaos: That is the Way. The Way of a Priest of Loki. One day I to shall bear that title." From parched lips he emits these words, a strange look in his eyes and his disheveled look telling you what is obvious: You deal with a madman.

Insane Soldier

You see what was once a fellow soldier, most likely stationed at your very base. The wastelands have taken their toll upon him, causing him to go quite insane. With both weapons and the knowledge to use them, the Insane Soldier is very dangerous indeed.


"Optical Recognition unit detects biological presence.... Subject identified as human target XJ294. Standing orders: Terminate. K-Force Terminator complying."

Killer Kelp

Originally a simple form of aquatic life, Kelp was a valued commodity of the sea, used by other forms of life as food. Unfortunately, this batch soaked up a few too many rads and is now quite hostile. Poisonous stingers and thick weed covering make the Killer Kelp a very dangerous foe.


Some really weird looking bird like warrior comes hopping towards you. It stands about twelve feet tall and has several menacing talons -- one of them has an electrolance and another has a gravblast!

Mean Dude

A guy comes out of the shadows, makes several rude jokes about your mother, and prepares for a fight. This guy seems to be simply a mean dude, not having much else to do, he just goes around beating up on innocent travelers.

Mutant Mother-In-Law

From out of the wasteland steps the Mutant Mother-In-Law the Dreaded Beast of every Marriage.. Now made even worse by the mutating effects of the severe radiation..... Better prepare your self!

Nick's Nightmare

There's a legend which says there was once a mighty warrior named Nick who once had a nightmare about a mighty beast lurking in the wasteland. The beast of his dream came to life and destroyed him. Until now, you've regarded it a nothing more than a tale told by Sacre Base recruits. But, with such a supernatural beast standing before you, you begin to wonder if the legends actually had any merit.

Night Terror

You have come upon a hideous beast. Until now, you have only heard legends that the "Night Terror" exists, but now you have come face to face with it. The Night Terror is a humanoid approximately 7 feet tall, has four arms, and it's eyes are well adapted to seeing in the dark.

Nuke Twister

Your first warning is a sudden gathering of clouds. And then a strange gust of wind carries the smell of ozone. Rapidly the sky darkens and the wind increases. The ground around you begins to glow with an odd light. Then it begins to form. Now you know what this is, a NUKE TWISTER! One of the most deadly forms of 'natural force' created by the radiation in the wilderness. A Nuke Twister is formed when a dust storm picks up radioactive waste. In some fashion the power in the waste magnifies the storm into what you see before you. You have been told that there is no way to 'fight' such a storm. Your only hope is to EVADE! You must run before the radioactive winds eat the flesh off of your bones.

Paladin Clone

A story from your younger days comes to your mind when you spy the figure approaching you. Paladin, the once enemy of Xenon, heard about Xenon's deal with the Drakus for the creation of the monster, Xenon's Vengeance. Paladin struck a deal with one of the clone technicians to clone himself, in hopes that the monster would kill one of the clones instead of him. Unfortunately, for Paladin, it didn't work out. The story was told to new recruits and you never put much faith into it until you see the proof right in front of you, armed!

Pink Panther

You thought it was just a myth... Tales have been told of a legendary thief named the Pink Panther who could steal anything from anyone. Unfortunately for you, you seem to have been stung by this very individual. He was fast, lifting your %X from your pack before you even saw him coming. If you want your %X back, then you're going to have to fight for it.

Priest Of Loki

In the sky far ahead you see a small dot. The dot gets larger until you can make it out to be a humanoid figure...a flying man in a billowy cloak of red and black. He circles you in the air at a considerable distance. "I am a Priest of Loki," says the man, "I can fly. And I can lead you away from the road to ruin. I can save your soul with the blessed truth of Chaos: Loki's truth. And if that fails....I CAN SEND YOU TO THE GRAVE!!!" As madness fills his eyes momentarily he pulls a plasma blaster out from under his cloak.

Rabid Tribble

Rolling along the ground is a small ball of fur. You smile remembering when the first of these things was brought to Sacre Base months ago, a source of much speculation (Where does it come from? What doesn't it eat?) and friendship. Then you remember how they had to be dumped into the wasteland before they finished off the food supply. Then came the reports of how they had mutated: the tiny hooks at the end of the fur, ability to jump extraordinary distances, the craving for blood. Damn the wasteland and its power to corrupt. The mutant fur ball turns to attack you.

Rad Hound

Upon walking into this section of land, you are greeted by the howling of a hideous creature, the Rad Hound. A product of the genetic mutations caused by the holocaust, it's size and ferocity are much stronger than any normal hound. Furthermore, radiation poisoning makes this beast an even greater threat.

Rad Tornado

You have been noticing for sometime that the wind has been picking up. Now, as you look up, the sky is taking on an ominous color. A memory tugs at your mind but you cannot seem to recall it. Then it clicks, it was one of the original briefings back at the Base. Something about how radiation can interact with the natural environment. Suddenly you remember, and a chill runs down your spine. A RAD TORNADO! You were told that the best course of action is to escape and you are now glad that you sat through those long, dull lectures. Looking at this powerful monstrosity you know that your weapons will be unable to tame it.

Reaping Willow

You normally ignore the crunch of plants under you step. But now you realize that a bit more alertness could be in order as you narrowly dodge a clump of sharpened leaves. You move back a few yards as you watch the willow pull itself out of the ground and move towards you. Just what you need, shrubbery with an attitude.

Recon Droid

Out of the nearby shrubs emerges an early 21st century Recon Droid. The military claimed these things would be used to reconnaissance purposes. You wonder then, why is it armed with a Phaser-2 and electrolance?

Roach Warrior

You notice an odd humanoid figure in the distance in front of you. You creep up closer to take a look. What you are facing is a twelve foot tall insect-like humanoid... It appears to be a mutated version of the common cockroach!


You approach another of those Black Widow Warriors, but there's something different about this one...Looking closer you notice a striking resemblance to Patti from the Tavern in Death Warrior HQ, and realize this must be her lost sister!


A man jumps out from behind a bush, eyes up your pack, and says "I sure could use one of those..." This man is a scavenger, a person who roams the wastelands in search of any valuables. Although heavily armed and quite difficult to kill, the scavengers usually carry with them several valuable items.

Security Officer

A man walks up to you. He then reaches for a small device attached to his belt and begins speaking into it. "Main Security detachment to Admiral Kirk. Admiral Kirk please come in.... We have encountered a 21st century human sneaking around down here. Request authorization to use deadly force."


"Sssssss.... Uuuummmansssss. Tasssssty uuuummmanssssss." You pivot quickly on your heel, to gaze full upon the hideous face of a reptilian monstrosity. From the sides of a gigantic snake body protrude two long scaly arms. Serpentine eyes regard you with cold- blooded lack of emotion. The top of a suit of Widow Armor rests on the the narrow shoulders of the beast, and in flicks its forked tongue as aims its Plasma Blaster at you.

Serpine Suzalle

"Sssssss.... Uuuummmansssss. Uuuummmannn make good fighhtt." You turn to see a master Serpine warrior, the Serpine Suzalle. He (she?) is armed with a surplus of widow-weapons, probably obtained through hostile circumstances.


You always thought that the rumors of a fellow soldier who had been mutated by combined exposure to the effects of warpers, phase armor, and high intensity radiation were just that, rumors. But as you watched the person materialize on the bluff ahead, then teleport to a succession of nearby spots, all without touching the warper at his belt, you realize that there is truth behind the stories. Instinct makes you duck as his fire sabre stabs at you from behind. You turn to see him reform some sixty feet away, aiming something large at you.

Snow Demon Scout

Across the bleak, icy wastes you notice a rapidly approaching form, clad in furs. As he nears you notice that the furs are only symbolic, as his chest is bared to the frigid air, revealing light blue skin. Ice flakes from his lips as he snarls, "In the name of Lord IcePick I claim this land and guard it against you or any of your cold-fearing kin. Go back to the warmth you so love, while it still lasts. Or face me and your corpse will serve as yet another marker." He cackles maniacally as he gestures to a row of what at first glance appear to be statues, but are actually the bodies of his victims, frozen solid.

Snow Demon Warrior

Chilling wind blows past, sounding for all the world like the howling of some great beast... Or is it perhaps just that. Instincts make you whirl to face a strange man yelling at the wind. Though his ice-crusted beard hangs wildly down his stomach and the tattered furs he wears do nothing to protect his bluish skin from the cold, there is no sign of madness in his icy glare. "You have trespassed into Snow Demon territory. By order of Lord IcePick you must perish," is all he says.

Spider Droid

You notice a glint of metal from underneath the sand next to you. As you approach to investigate, The metal beast lurches out of the ground. Poised on eight legs, it has incredible agility. It's metal joints and muscles are far superior to any biological life form. You prepare to engage combat with the Spider Droid....

Steel Widow

You roll to the ground as you notice a familiar shadow. A Spider Droid? Here? The spot you were in seconds before is hit by the raw power of a pulse weapon. PULSE?? In the hands of an enemy? You stare in growing shock at a metal monstrosity painted black. Four times taller then a spider droid, and bearing the insignia of the black widows, the spider-thing prepares to fire another volley of death. A widowlance protrudes from its head like the horn of some mythological beast.


You see before you a massive death machine. It is covered with steel plated armor and wields some devastatingly powerful weapons. As you stand in sheer terror, the terminator's voice booms out "Terminate Human."


As you round the next corner, a thug jumps out and says "Gimme all your money or die!". Although not too bright, this guy is armed with an Uzi sub-machine gun and an electroblade!


A man steps out from behind a tree. He looks you and your possessions over and says "How about handing some of that loot over to me and I'll let you walk out of this in one piece?" This man is a weapons trader. He carries with him several nice weapons which would make a nice addition to your collection. Of course, his best weapon is sighted on your forehead!

Trader Dick

You notice some rustling in the bushes... Someone was watching your last encounter. The figure emerges from the brush and grabs the %Y that was laying on the ground. "My names Trader Dick, and this %Y is something that I could use. If you want it back, then you're going to have to fight me for it. Otherwise, let me be on my way."

Trader Harry

You notice some rustling in the bushes... Someone was watching your last encounter. The figure emerges from the brush and grabs the %Y that was laying on the ground. "My names Trader Harry, and this %Y is something that I could use. If you want it back, then you're going to have to fight me for it. Otherwise, let me be on my way."

Trader Leader

You notice some rustling in the bushes... Someone was watching your last encounter. The figure emerges from the brush and grabs the %Y that was laying on the ground. "I'm the Leader of the Trader's Guild. I've decided that I deserve that %Y more than you do. If you want it, then fight me for it. Otherwise, I've got more business to attend to."

Trader Tom

You notice some rustling in the bushes... Someone was watching your last encounter. The figure emerges from the brush and grabs the %Y that was laying on the ground. "My names Trader Tom, and this %Y is something that I could use. If you want it back, then you're going to have to fight me for it. Otherwise, let me be on my way."

Turncoat Soldier

Rounding the bend you come face to face with a fellow soldier. A gut feeling tells you not to let your guard down. Sure enough, he aims the barrel of his pulse rifle at you. This must be one of the scum that have been sneaking high powered weapons to the opposition. He smirks at your hateful glare, "I'm sorry, but they were willing to pay me more for one weapon then I could have ever earned as a honest soldier. And you wouldn't believe the amount I'll get for your corpse."

Valley Girl

A voice yells out from the brush "Like gimme like all of your money or like I'll have to like kill you! Like do what I say, like now, ok?". It is a mutant valley-girl. Once dreaded only as department store temporaries during holiday seasons, the radiation has turned them into a very hideous foe.


"Well look what we got here. Some scum from Sacre Base. I haven't seen any of you since I helped the widows steal that PuriTron from up above. I've been waiting to try out my new GravSword on one of you scum!" This unfriendly character is a warmonger. They go around stirring up trouble, usually in favor of the highest bidder.


Floating around up ahead you spy a strange sphere. Stopping once in a while to scan the wasteland, it spots you and says "POSSIBLE HOSTILE, CHARGING WEAPONS" It circles you a few times and speaks once more: "CHECKING: ID CONFIRMED, MARKED FOR TERMINATION.." Having no place to take cover from its impending attack, you draw your weapon, all the time wondering who sent this thing.

Water Elemental

Without warning the water here has gotten choppy and violent, shaking your raft violently. But how could this be when just moments ago the weather was so calm? Then it all becomes clear, as a hulking form bursts from the waves, a form composed entirely of water. You don't need a geiger counter to tell you that the radiation has managed to bring life to yet another aberration.

Widow Enforcer

"I'm an enforcer for the black widows.... They told me you'd be arriving and now it's time to take care of you once and for all."


During the initial landing of the Cabal, a large portion of their hunting beasts were destroyed by an undiscovered earthian plague. The Cabal, who take pride in their hunting beasts, brought the few remaining to the Drakus. Knowing the excellent skill of the Drakus, the Cabal insisted that the Drakus enhance the creatures previous abilities. This is how the Xanth evolved. That is also why they are now walking on four legs and using the other two for weapons.

Xeboc Destructor

"You must die. You cannot oppose Xeboc The Mighty." As you hear this, you whirl around and encounter one of the most massive machines you have ever yet seen in the wasteland!

Xeboc Guardian

You notice something blurry rising out of the ground. It's too hard to make out what it is exactly. Suddenly it drops its enviro-blurrer and you see a Xeboc Guardian!

Xenon's Vengence

One of the old stories that was told by the campfires in your recruit days was the tragedy of Xenon and Paladin. Paladin would venture out and capture all of Xenon's fortress's. Xenon exacted his revenge on Paladin by making a deal with the evil Draku Warriors to create a beast sent to destroy Paladin. The beast succeeded. But, the beast was so fierce, so powerful, that it turned on Xenon himself and destroyed him. Such is the story of Xenon and Paladin.