Land Of Devastation

Land of Devastation is a role playing game for computer bulletin board systems. SuperVGA graphics are supported on both the sysop's side of the connection and via a special remote terminal, on the user's end as well. Platforms supported are DOS, DOS-DPMI, and OS/2. Click here to download.

LOD's main features include:

Download Instructions

You can download the distribution for classic lod at the following link: download.html.

LOD Runtime 200 Errors

The problem has to do with the Borland Pascal compiler which was used to write LOD. It works fine for all slow PC's, but fails for any machine with a CPU of about 200Mhz or greater, and thus a ton of old software has failed as the faster machines have become popular, including LOD.

I have applied a patch to all of the executables, which you may download as I have not been able to extensively test the patch. Please report any problems to

I'm also now working on an Internet version of LOD, completely rewritten in 'C'. I hope to have it fully functional by June, 2000 and maybe beta versions as early as january or february.

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The old 'reglook' system is offline indefinitely. If you'd like your old LOD registration code, then please send an email to

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