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The Cerberus Incident is a new Graphical Role Playing Game (RPG) that I've developed using an initial prototype of the Devastation Engine. The Devastation Engine is the software component that I'm designing to power the new standalone single-player Land of Devastation game.

  When the game begins, you find yourself in Station #1, code named "The Eye". The Eye is a central monitoring facility for the Island.
Your partner in Station #1 is named Janice. She's trapped under the blast door. Things aren't looking good....  
  Station #1 is equipped with all the amenities that a crew of two people should need to survive - computers, refrigerator, bunkbeds, a kitchen, and even a modern washer and dryer.
Station #1 even includes a wealth of useful items for our hero. Here we see that Felix has equipped himself with a Butcher's knife and a lightweight jacket. He's carrying a medkit should he need some healing in a hurry.  

Felix's first great challenge: Station #1's robotic vacuum cleaner has malfunction. It seems the lockdown event caused a power spike, which caused the normally harmless robovac to malfunction. Felix can dispatch this foe easily, but malfunctioning equipment will probably become a recurring theme throughout the island.